Interconnects and speaker cable.Any input would be appreciated?

hello this isn't exactly what your asking about but may be relevant I had the Nordost SPM 1 step below the Valhalla both the Interconnects and speakers cables I was always wondering just how lean my Nordost SPM speaker cables were recently compared them with XLOUNLIMITED speaker cables which are simply better than the Nordost SPM. The XLO Unlimited has considerably more upper bass energy and definition,more very low level details and doesn't have the brightness in lower treble the SPM is noted to have. Hearing considerable things in recording I didn't know was present. The SPM is deleting information your amplifier is sending to the speakers. Recently purchased unlimited Interconnects they are much like the speaker cables the upper bass is very full bodied has very good definition the dynamics are much improved over the xlo signature 1 and 2 the low level detail is amazing also hearing things I had never heard before on tracks I played hundreds of times before. the xlo signature 2 was even better than SPM Interconnects and the Unlimited was even better so I believe the Unlimited Edition xlo is equal to the Valhalla or maybe superior even.Now the xlo limited Interconnect is about 10 to 15% of an improvement over the Unlimited so it may be better than the Valhalla but it's a matter of taste and system synergy that really determines which is best matched for your particular system if you prefer a truly full bodied sound presentation choose the xlo limited if you prefer a leaner brighter type presentation choose Valhalla. hello Tfjm I just saw your Cables for Totem Shaman thread with the components you listed I would say the limited should be your better choice versus the Valhalla
Thx Mejames your opinion is very appreciated and I do enjoy the fullbodied sound of music.See the problem I am having is I can't listen to the XLO Series where I live as there are no distributors here.Although I have been able to test drive the Valhallas and the sound quality is good but like you say a tad on the bright side.Thx again.


you might want to try fatwyre.com they have a cable library where you can check out a wide variety of cables in your system. they can also advise you on cables based on your components. i've never used these services from them but have purchased several items from them.

aloha keith