XLO Limited Edition

Anyone tried this pricely cable? Pls share!

i have one balanced set of xlo limited edition in my system. it is from my aesthetix io to my preamp, levinson #32. i also use balanced transparent ref. xl from my marantz sa-1 to the preamp and balanced nordost quatro fil from my linn cd-12 to my preamp. i used transparent in my system but had heard that many people didn't think the networks were justified. so i bought the xlo and nordost a year ago to live with and compare to the transparent. i have moved the cables around in my system and have developed opinions of all three. first, they are all pretty close and i like all three. the transparent is the best of the three with the best bass and dynamics, similar in mid-range purity to the xlo and close to the high frequency purity and extension of the nordost. the xlo is lush but not as extended as the others. the nordost alittle cool in comparison to the other 2 but very detailed. imaging and presence is similar on all three but maybe the nod to the transparent on depth and solidity of images.

the transparent is more money than the others but i purchased it used so based on that i would still go for the transsparent.

i hope this helps.
A View INTO the Music. This one is remarkable. Why ? Well, I have lots of XLO Cables, from the cheaper ones ( which are excellent ,too ) to this most expensive one. All, except this here, are similar for their sonic attributes. Differences are in reproduction of space and the airy high frequencies ( mainly of course ). But the Ltd. Edition really transforms the signal into a huge soundfield. It is simply extraordinary for macro-,and microdynamics, neutrality (really ), resolution and inner detailing. Low frequencies are well defined and absolutely clean, yes indeed, I think they offer a fantastic low end. And what is really amazing is-This-Dynamic-Spectrum-you-can-feel-and-hear; this really impressed me most. For the first time I have problems with the rating, because it is soooo expensive. A whole amplifier or phono stage for only 1 Cable ? Well, as good this cable is, I think it is made for the Rich ones. When you can't afford it easily, don't worry about having sleepless nights, go for the XLO Signature (this is compared to the Ltd. Ed. a bargain). But: The Best I've ever heard. Happy Listening
we used on 2 different system
1-wilson grand slam,ml 32,ml33,ml31.5 and 30.6
we tested transparent xl,mit 850 shotgun evo,purist dominus,
nordost valhalla,xlo le.
for us xlo le was the best one with purist dominus.
i use xlo limited edition interconnects from scd-1 to dodson 217 mkIId dac,from dodson to my aloia preamp and from scd-1 to the aloia preamp. i replaced silversmiths at these 3 positions and the xlos are far superior in my system. i have a pair of the speaker cables coming this week to try along with a pair of vahalla speaker cables. the xlo interconnects ,like the post before are superb ..the soundstage is wide and deep. the micro/macro dinamics are incredible..made even better with my new hydra.it will be interesting to see how much better,if any, they are over my audio tekne speaker cables.i have a biamped system and will be,if they are that good, replacing only one pair,whichever sounds better...mid/hi or bass cables.