XLO Digital cable TYPE 4.1

Hi, Anyone try the XLO TYPE 4.1 Digital cable? Is it a 75Ohm coaxial cable? Can I used it in interconnection between Transport & DAC. Thank you for any response. Good listening.
I owned the XLO for a year, and found that it was good, but a little "grainy". The Ensemble "Digiflux" is way smoother, and the Harmonic Technology Cyberlink Copper has a very similar voicing but is far cleaner for the same amount of money (under $100). Try "The Cable Company" at www.fatwyre.com. They offer a home trial period with a few stipulations. Robert Stein is experienced and very helpful.
p.s. I suggest you compare 3 brands of cables. This is a manageable amount. Perhaps one of the regulars here has a third suggestion, or Robert will certainly hav a good recommendation.