XLO cables

Hi all, recently purchased XLO Reference 3 Balanced interconnects and speaker cables, my question is since these cables are color coded purple and green which should go to the right interconnect/speaker input. I noticed XLO uses some purple in their new line, whether Ultra, Reference, Signature or Unlimited series. Thanks for your inputs.

I don't think it really matters as long as you keep the phase correct.
Tpreaves answer is correct. Since purple does have some red in it, (red and blue make purple)you could use the purple as red if that helps you keep it straight. You certainly could use the green as red too, as long as the + and - are connected with the same color at both ends, unless you WISH to invert polarity.
@Tpreaves- thanks some friends who are not too particular tried that.
@Jmcgrogan2- yup purple does have red. Came across this on the XLO website...

According to the XLO website, "The lighter color lead Is attached to the positive terminal".

So as far as the Reference line is concerned, purple is positive.