XLO Cables

Someone out there who has them ? I have a few and honestly I never looked for something else. But now I am looking for another pair of RCA for my next Tonearm ( Termination Box ) and would like to get your opinions. Even XLO search is not great compared to other brands, probably not enough advertisement? I think about trying a Purist Venustas but I never listened to that one. Long time ago I compared the XLO with Cardas and I made my decsision for XLO.
Anyway, thanks for reading.
Thomas, I'd go with the Venustas. But if you're going to use an RCA to RCA (not an RCA to DIN) make sure you get the tonearm version and not a "regular" RCA pair. And if you have a separate phono preamp, then get a "regular" Venustas RCA pair to go from that to your preamp. Synergy is very important in the analog source chain.

The only other tonearm and preamp cable(s) that compare favorably to the Venustas (and I suppose the Dominus, though I've not heard those) is the Silver Breeze by Silver Cable. They're a little cheaper too. Talk to Max, he'll probably let you audition a pair.

I chose the Venustas (and had to eat canned Tuna and use regular gas for three months ;~))
Out of curiosity, which tonearm are you going to try?

I've been getting really great results with Xtreme Cables, haven't tried them on my tonearm though. Actually been without a table for going on a little over a year now.

BTW, if you haven't tried Xtreme's QuickSilver GOLD contact paste you should do so. Incredible stuff.
the xlo signature 2 have been in/out of my system the last 3 years due to changes in my configuration..though i have tried many others at a higher cost (nordost,synergistic, acoustic zen,cardas,straighwire,wireworld,mit,audioquest,audience etc...) i have always returned to the signature 2 and they are one of the few interconnect cables that i will use back to back (source to pre and pre to amp...they let the music come through).

they are a very neutral cable with with very good transparency and incredible bass slam and defintion. though it isnt highly reviwed it or advertised, xlo has a very good reputation. when i had to sell them (went from single ended to balanced) they have been easy to sell at minimum loss because they are in demand.

i havent use it for a tonearm cable, but i have read the signature series is very good..i see you are using the xlo signature speaker cable (keep me in mind if you ever want to sell them::))))

btw, very nice system..what isolation device is your dcs stack on ?
Dear Mikesinger, I think, I have made the same experiences you did.Well, I am not a cable maniac, I tried a few well regarded ones and it was more or less boring compared to XLO. So I stopped that. But maybe I missed something, you know ....upgraditis.
Btw. I use XLO speaker cable in shotgun termination ( double run ) and please don't be sad, but I think, they only will leave when my fingers are cold. Very cold.

The dCS stuff is on a Machina Dynamica Suspension ( US ).
Dear Wellfed, it is for the DaVinci Audio Labs Arm.
Thomas...i know what you mean on both(upgradeitis & wanting to hang onto the xlo speaker cables)

i have heard the kubala sonsa and higher end shunyatas at the local stereo shop and the owner who i have known and trust says they are "very good" ( which mean really exceptional). with that being said and the local buzz, it would be worth a audition..
btw, have you heard the xlo unlimited edition ?
The XLO cables are excellent. A good friend of mine were having a few drinks and just talking about all the equipment we have owned over the years and the different systems we have owned. My favorite systems with the most PRAT were using all XLO cabling.

Their Type 5 Speaker wire with their matching Reference Interconnects remains my favorite combo...

No, I haven't. I only have listened to all others ( Ltd. Edition, Signature, Reference etc. and their power cords ), but not to that one.
Did you?
i havent heard or read much about the unlimted... only the reference, signature, and limited (tried the reference & the signature)

in the process of upgrading the digital rig and looking for a new digital cable...i have tried the signature (very good) but cant afford the limited, so wondering if the extra cash will yield a sonic improvement...
I use the XLO signature for that, but honestly, I like it the way it is and I am careful with expensive investigations into Digital. I stopped it some time ago, most CD's are inferior for me, from the Mastering and sound. I never tried Unlimited or LE here, I have the LE between the Phono amps and Pre amps and here they are very good. Not spectacular but when I plug them out, there is a change of balance and the accentuation of the Details.
Thomas, I found out this evening that Xtreme Cables doesn't make a shielded phono cable. Be sure to try out their QuickSilver GOLD contact paste though, NO system should be without it IME. Seriously good stuff. Write me if you'd like more details.

QuickSilver GOLD
Hello Wellfed, thanks for your kind recommendation. I will think about it, I never used material like that.
I like the XLO limited interconnects. One of the few that can deliver a deep and weighty bottom end without sounding dull on top. I also like the NBS Omega stuff (Black label is amazingly good, but really up there in cost). I had a brief audition of both Basis (the turntable people) interconnects and speaker cables; the combination was the best I've heard in my friend's system. This stuff is quite promising.
I have to revive this old thread after having listened to the XLO Signature 2 in my system recently. Although there is lack of advertisement, write-up or reviews on XLO cables, I have to agree with most comments here especially on Mikesinger's assessment. I am particularly impressed on the bass slam and definition on the XLO as my other interconnects which include the Nordost Frey pales in comparison. The definition in bass was so improved that I had to leave the subwoofer out from the mix. I was somehow taken aback by the impact this cable had made to my system. I am curious as to how much better the Unlimited or Limited series will be.

There are many other good cables around and XLO is certainly one of them.
Most certainly. I love mine.