XLD to iTunes

I'm currently using XLD to rip CD's and have them exported to my iTunes folder - I was told in order to do this the path should lead to a folder named 'automatically update to iTunes'.

For some reason XLD is creating another folder - and not placing them in my music media folder - any suggestions? Currently I've had to rip 10 CD's and manually replace them back into iTunes media / music and do all the tagging and cover art myself - incredibly annoying..
Well, there should be an option to set the target directory in XLD options. If no option exists, the most logical way to handle this is to just have iTunes import the files from the directory that XLD put them into. Just make sure to check the option to have iTunes organize your music folder.

I don't know if this is going to solve your problem of having to do all of the tagging and cover art yourself.

Most use something like dbPoweramp to do their ripping, if they choose not to use iTunes. dbPoweramp takes care of all of the tagging and cover art for you and the tags move with the file rather than being stored in a database.

Why are you using XLD instead of iTunes anyway?
Hi Tony,

Thanks for the reply. I'm using XLD because its make more accurate rips in comparison to iTunes.