XLD ripping slowly

I downloaded XLD on my iMac and ripped my first CD. It ripped VERY slowly, about 0.4x. It took over 2 hours to rip a CD. How do I speed up the ripping process ? Thanks for you replies.
You can turn off the error checking options, but that defeats the purpose of using XLD in the first place. If you want quick ripping I suggest you use iTunes and engage its very modest error correction. XLD will do wonderful bit perfect rips and compare them with Accurip.

Two hours seems like a long time unless you are mainly ripping classical music CDs, in which case they tend to take longer than rock and pop albums because of the number of tracks associated (increasing the individual DB checks).

Of course, if a disc is in rougher condition, ripping takes longer, with error checks in place it will take a considerably long time. I use XLD exclusively and some take 20 minutes, others 1.5 hours. But once finished I'm confident I have all the data perfectly ripped. EAC for Windows is even slower at times, not escaping the rip until each bit is read. With a scratched disc, this can take days.
Thanks for your response. Yes, it was a classical CD, new, right out of the box.
My XLD rips seem to have slowed down after the last update. The last rip took more than 30 minutes, normally they finish in just a few minutes. Is this an every time occurrence?
I won't rip without XLD.
Are you sure you didn't rip it 3 times? ;)
I think XLD supports paranoid rip which made my Sony external drive sound like it was going through labor pains and took a stupendously long time.

I disabled that and I still get AccurateRips as long as the disc is in the database and even when not, there's a confidence level attached to the rip.

I haven't updated in a while tho
Use XLD Secure ripping, C2 pointers enabled, set read offset correctly , test before copy- only if not in AR data base..