XLD - forget it I'll use iTunes

Really? Nothing is tagged correctly,,,the learning curve for computer audio will bring back to life CD players...honestly this is completely rubbish in this day and age. What a horribly complicated hobby. End rant
You are right. Computer audio is a frustrating learning curve. You read, read, and read, and teach yourself. You ask questions online and hope for good answers. Then comes the "trying it for yourself" part. If the results aren't good you read more and ask more questions in the forums. It goes on... More trial and error.. You may not get the sound you want,or you might.

Someone needs to publish a book "Computer Audio For Dummies."
Lush, you just need to use something better than XLD. I believe that those that use it do so because it's free. As I said in your other thread, dbPoweramp is the way to go.