XL or non-XL Transparent cables ???

Hi everybody,

I want to buy some Transparent Audio cables, and I hesitate beetween XL and non XL cables.

Cables from that company use XL technology since 1997/1998, and I was not audio-fan 10 years ago. Consequently, I've never had the opportunity to listen to non-XL cables.

So I would like to know if there exist a big difference beetween old non-XL cables, and XL ones.
Do they sound the same ?
Perhaps yes, or perhaps not in which case XL logo is just here for commercial and marketing purposes...

Can someone help ?

I had both originally. The jump between Non XL & XL was very large. The MM is a further jump but with different gains. From memory the XL version had siginificantly more detail. After hearing the improvement I upgraded to all XL tech. not until I was 100% XL tech did I realize how major an improvement it was.
The current MM is better than the XL series. The model before XL was not as good as XL series. You will get what you pay for. They make great cables. Peter