Xindak SCD-2 question

My Xindak SCD-2 is arriving tomorrow. Appreciate if you could share your experience in running it directly in to the Power amp as opposed to running via an active tube pre.
Running direct is very close[Using XLR to XLR.I lose a bit of punch/slam{On Rock CD's},not as noticable on mellower music,I guess because of large power supply in my BAT Preamp.Check my system for more info.Another fun thing I do is use both the SE and XLR outputs to my pre and switch them with the preamp selector depending on the needs of the current music being played.Also turn on at least a few hours before Serious listening.Takes a few hundred hours to break in.Sounds better than any Sony straight out of the box..My was lightly modded by Dan at if you want to take it to another level.Which Tubes does yours use??JD
Thanks Jdlepera. I have a Sonic Frontier Pre with moderate power supply, so not sure if it will make a similar impact, as compared to your BAT. Your switching between SE and XLR sounds real fun, but I won't be able to do it since my power amp has only SE inputs.

I will initially run it with stock tubes, but a fellow A'goner suggested that I use WE 396A (NOS). What tubes are you using? Any suggestions?
I personally don't recommend it because when you turn the unit off, the volume is reset to full. Not a problem if you always remember to turn the volume back down, but it will only take one time to damage your system- and possibly your ears!

As far as sonically, I only use the volume control because the volume control on the Xindak 6900SE integrated amp is very inconsistent at low levels- Level 1 can be sometimes heard throughout the house late at night, so I have to use the volume on the SCD-2 to bring the volume down a bit. At those levels, I can't really tell if there's sound degradation.