Xindak SCD-2 Mods

I have a new (I month old) Xindak SCD-2 player, and the rest of my equipment is Kora Tube Equipment.
I use the SCD-2 to play CDs, as a transport with the Kora Hermes II as the DAC, then through the Kora Eclipse and Galaxy reference amp.
The sound is incredible, ............ in fact better than playing SACDs with the Xindak balanced output through the Kora Eclipse and Galaxy amp!!
Would anyone be able to advise me of any mods I can do, or know of someone who can?
Dan Wright at modded mine last year.Very inexpensive.Not as much to mod as on DVD Players.Mine sounds much better than any stock Sony SACD player.JD
I inquired about SCD-2 mods from Dan Wright, and he told me that he is no longer doing SCD-2s because of post-mod heat problems.

"The sound is incredible" - why do you want to modify it then?
Wow! Good results using the Xindak SCD-2 with a Kora Hermes DAC? Good to know, because I have Xindak SCD-2 which I've replaced the tubes and the thing still sucks! I wouldn't recommend this CD player to anyone, but with all the praise I've heard I'm beginning to think I have a lemon.

It is possible that you have a lemon. Mainland Chinese electronics production is not as mature as, say, Japan's. I have had very good results with mine (although admittedly I have only had it about 2 weeks). Very smooth, non-fatiguing sound. Do you have a Bertrand unit or a grey-market? The Bertrand's seem to me to be pre-modded, what with their claims of NOS tubes, etc.

I may be able to help with getting SCD-2s moded. COntact me next month, the guy is on a long vacation.
Tweak1 - any luck on someone to mod the Xindak?
Yes, there have been some problem with the Xindak. So it is possible you have a lemon. Trouble reading CD's and such.

I know some of us did a group purchase of Chinese audio. We took a long hard look at the Xindak, but decided against it. The One of the importers stopped importing them because of these problems. Supposedly it is/was being addressed.

One thing I have read from the professional reviews, as incredible as it might seem. The unit will sound kinda flat until it is warmed up for 3-4 hours. So it may no be a lemon just needs much longer warm up time.