Xindak SACD2 vs Shanling t200

I am awaiting delivery of my Xindak SACD2. Since purchase I have come into a little more money and based on its much sexier looks I could stretch to the Shanling SACD player. I wonder if any of you guys out there have managed to compare these two players as at the end of the day it is really the quality of the sound that matters, I read stuff like the Shanling having op amps (not good?) and the Xindak not having them (good?) etc...

My other question is reference mods for the Xindak. I know that the stock tubes can be improved upon (what tubes do you suggest?), however, are there any other mods that are do-able at home ie) to purchase as a kit, as from where I am based in Gibraltar shipping would be prohibitive. Being based in Gibraltar is the reason that I have for being unable to do a comparison.

Regards to all