Xindak electronics

Anybody knows anything happened with Xindak recently? My impression is they tended to be good products at very reasonable price. But I happened to come across a website doing online sale of Xindak things (somewhere in California?), and the prices are, uhmm..., factors higher. So, what's going on?
I second you. I shocked by the numbers I found on the website in north California. And now they are selling online only. I heard they went through some legal channels to ban all those grey marketers and now they are the only big guy selling online. That's very interesting.

Probably another piece of very alarming news I dug out is about Xindak's market north of the border. Apparently, they got big trouble, and got sued by Canadian government. Eventually, there was product recall big time, and the dealer there went down with that. Anyone knows if we have the similar concerns here?