Xindak DAC-5

Hi all. I am looking for a DAC in the $600-$800 range and one of those on the shortlist is the Xindak DAC-5. Has anyone had experience with this DAC and compared it to any of the "usual suspects" such as the DAC-1, DA10, Mini-DAC, Stello DA100 etc? The other DAC I am considering is the CIAudio VDA-2 with VAC-1.

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Xindak has very old technology.
Have heard the Benchmark and CI
The analog outputs on the CI sound much smoother and less digital.
A CI set just sold on Audiogon for much less than your budget
Toss the MHDT Labs Havanna or Paradisea+ onto that list. From your list I like the CI, Stello, and Mini the best... in no particular order. A member over on AudioCircle mentioned the Zindak DAC-8 being a new favourite of his that bested some well regarded competitors (in his opionion of course).