Xindak A600E Integrated Amp ???..........

Has anyone heard this amp yet?
Why don't you listen to it and report back to the membership?

Thanks in advance.
I bought a v-30 tube integrated at RMAF and it is built like a tank. I had to get somebody to show me how to bias the unit and he said that it was built and laid out much better than the normal tube products he works on.The sound is great. It only has 3 inputs and no outputs. Customer service is slow through the distributer
Over at the they say this A600E is one of the "best under $7000" and it only $3000 right now!

Listen to it report back very soon!!!
I talked to Larry from the High End Palace and he told me that the Accuphase E450 was hands down.. much better Integrated amp!
why shouldn't it be? It costs 3 times as much.