Xindac SACD 2 recomend a DAC

I have just purchased a Xindak SACD 2 does anybody have any experience of the Xindak DAC's and will they improve quality??
I haven't received it yet so I can't add any comments on quality etc.


Hi, the Xindak is a nice player, ESPECIALLY for CD playback.
I thought the SACD playback was a bit soft, and not up to the standard set by its CD playback.

A couple of other friends also agreed that the CD playback from this player was outstanding, while its SACD was just OK.
You would have to get a real fine DAC to beat the CD playback that this unit provides......
A nice player for the money though........

Bill M.
I have owned the SCD-2 for over a year. I found the stock SACD playback to be excellent in my system, which is over $30K, including Nearfield 924 loudspeakers, which are highly revealing. About 6 months ago I had it moded. This improved both SACD and CD playback, still I want more from CD. I am deciding on which outboard dac right now. IMO, the SCD-2 is excellent value that can be taken to much higher level, and can also act as a transport for even better CD playback. That's a good deal!
We put the Xindak SCD-2 against the Sony 777ES, and the Marantz unit that runs $7000.....

Again, the SACD playback was marginal, but CD sound was excellent.

My system runs $50,000 with the dedicated room acoustics, and all of us agree with the above results.

Recommend that if you are serious about SACD playback, looks elsewhere, unless you just have a few SACD's, or are an occasional SACD listener.