xindac FS-2 speaker cables?

i am going to be auditioning these cables next week and thought i would see if anyone else has listened to them.
I have auditioned the Xindac cables.
They are better than Analysis Plus Oval 9 and not as good as the best of the Magnan line. I did a swap in comparison using the following system:

Electrocompaniet CDP
Pass Labs X-1 preamp
Plinius SA 102 SS Amp
Quad 989 Speakers

Take it for what it is worth.
Dave, with your system, you might consider auditioning the Audience Au24 speaker cables. I think you'll be impressed as they just might equal or exceed the performance of any previous cables you've tried. And at only a fraction of the cost of many competing cables like the Valhallas.

Hi Dave. We never learned how your evaluation of the Xindak cables went. They seem to be gaining popularity lately. Are the HMS still your reference cables?