XiangSheng 728A

XiangSheng 728A preamp.
I just received the new 2 knob version.
It has a volume and input selector only.
This creature sounds surprisingly amazing. I haven't even swapped out the tubes yet.
Any love out there?
Why don't you tell us why it's so special and what it compares with.
The special things is the "2 knob" part. I also wonder if Schiit is taking any biz away from the "overseas" tube preamp market…a California made Freya lists for 700 bucks and works really well although it has only one knob. 
Next time I need a low-knob-count pre I’ll keep this one in mind.

 Two knobs are better than one. My Audio Research Ref 5se has two knobs.
Well, my McIntosh integrated has four knobs, so there.
I have no idea why I read every post here.  I think my brain just got dumber.
Where did you get this new version? I am thinking about getting one in black to use part time in my system. Would you say the output gain of this preamp is high, average or low? What is the difference between the high and low outputs?
is there any difference between the 2 knob and multi knob versions?
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