Xerxes .20 or Michell Orbe


I sold my Linn LP12 after realizing what better tables are our there. I have heard the SME 10; great table but overpriced, heard the Michell Gyro, nice as well but a little "light" have yet to hear the Orbe or the Xerxes but it appears these two might just be the final two contenders. Any thoughts on either of them? thanks
I went from a SOTA Star to a Linn LP 12, to the Orbe. The Orbe is the best fit for my system by a large margin.
both are nice, but the lp12 competes with both.
Might I make a suggestion? A non-suspended table with a Ginko Cloud is an amazing combination. ESPECIALLY if you can isolate the motor from the Cloud platform, even more magic. You can get all those black backgrounds that a suspended table has yet all the slam of a non-suspended...or micro/macro dynamics if you wish. Just a thought, really worth checking out.
I liked the LP12 but the Keel upgrade was a deal breaker. The price was too high and at that level I felt and still feel there is better out there. The Linn has a much more smaller sound than some of the competition namely the SME 10 which I really like hence my decision to dump the LP12. I still feel that everyone should have it at least once in their life. Mine was super reliable and well made in direct contrast to the horrible experience I had with Oracle.
Hmm, I have thought of this can you be more specific with your non-suspended table suggestions?
After all those years (I had Roksan (very good sound), my friend has an Orbe) I would go for a Basis Turntable.
Yes, I have thought of those as well but the dealer network here in Canada is a little restricted.