Xbox help

Recently got an xbox and it came with a converter that the guy called a HD conveter. I suspect it is just a component converter. My problem is when using that converter, it displays in 4:3 only, not 16:9
Is anyone familiar with this? First: is there another unit out there that is better?
I guess second would be the obvious, would the DVDO be a good choice?
Thanks for any help.
Did you change the aspect ratio on your XBox settings?
I have to assume you set your X-box to 16x9 output?
Its more an HD adapter. There should be something in the set up menu to switch to 16x9 format output. Its game dependent tho'--some games are 720p, some 1080i, some 480p. Look on the box and it should show...
Edesilva is correct. You need to enter the system set up menu, turn on the unit without a game in the drive and you should be able to find it. There you can select the default format 4:3 or 16x9. From that point, your left to the mercy of the game. Check the back lower corner of the box and it will give the details.

On an HD display these games really shine picture-wise.
Okay, thank you. I had tried the 16:9 set up in the xbox menu but it still cuts off the top and bottom. I am running Madden 2006 and maybe the game won't allow the 16:9 format. I will try some other games. Thanks again.
yes I have. That is why I am confused. I went to the xbox site originaly and had a live chat with a rep. Real good system I might add. The rep said that unit does that. And I should use the composit input to see the whole screen. Which I thought was bogus of the unit to be built like that> So I was wondering what was really up. I tried a couple of gaming sites to get some help and no luck. So I came to the trusty AG to get some answers.
I just went through the setup again. The xbox settings for video can be standard , letterbox, or widescreen. I have chose both letterbox and widescreen and the top and bottom are cut off. hmmmm...
I figured it was the cheap component that I used for the conversion was the culprit. I went to rat shack and picked up the monster cable version. Put it on and bamo!!! Same thing. Top and bottom cut off. Could my unit be defective? Everyone else is having no problem with this?
Are you using the RGB DB15 XBOX 460 cable or the Component Video cable?

I have the same problem when using the RGB cable, but not the component cable.
I finaly got it to work with the Monster cable. (blushing) I found my original TV remote and saw I could change the picture settings on my TV. There was like 5 different settings and I just choose the on that works. I don't think I helped you though. Sorry.
Now if I could just get off the damn Xbox I would be a lot better .