Xbox 360 w/Blueray will debut in Q3.

I wonder how it will compare to the PS3? I want the Sony because it can stream content to a PSP and I'll get the '360 because I already have games.
If the PS3 is one of the better player's, I'm sure the Xbox can match or exceed it.
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wow...that is surprising since there's no way Microsoft wanted to back a Sony standard. Microsoft must have realized they have no choice with hd-dvd being dumped.

I'm in the same boat as you--I've got a 360 and love it. To top it off I've never been a Sony-backer for anything. The idea of buying a ps3 doesn't sit well.

I would expect (hope?) that the performance of a new blu-ray machine would beat the ps3 given the ps3's age. I'll keep my fingers crossed about that anyway ;)

Where did you read about the blu-ray xbox?

Microsoft says NO but the rumors continue. Do you think MS would lie to anyone?
According to MS the red ring of death is here to stay.
Boy I would hate to use my XBox or PS3 as a movie player with all that fan noise it isnt practical.
This time around, I heard it on the "Kim Kommando" show.
Although the fan is loud, this is easily covered up by placing in a cabinet. IMO, PS3 offers the best for BR dvd for now as it can handle software upgrades to BR 2.0.