X-PSU V3 and double X10 V3 tube output buffer

hi, i plan to hook up two tube output buffer X10 V3 with one X-PSU V3 , so you think it wiil be better or not , and i do not care one more interconect need to be add , thank you
all a tube output buffer does is add distortion.

two tube output buffers add even more distortion. some think this distortion sounds more pleasing.

i don't.

adding a tube output buffer to anything is like slightly defocusing your projector so you can't see scanlines as easily.

if you like the sound of tubes, you should have a cd player with a tube output stage, not a buffer.
now i use one tube output buffer with X-PSU V3 i think it did not add to much distortion , and it is normal like cd player with tube output , and i think tube out buffer give me alot of power and alot better for music , i think you never hear this before , because im using DAC converter and i use the both output from cd player rca and digital output that is why it easy to compare which one is better than the other , i do not have one more tube output buffer to test , but i think it will be better , thank you for your input
While everything in the signal chain adds one distortion or another, this is hardly all that a buffer does. The primary function is to present the driving component with a very high impedance, which makes it easy to drive, particularly for the IC based outputs of many CD and DVD players. It also has a low output impedance, which makes it very tolerant of driving long interconnects or components that have low input impedances; just the types that give the previously mentioned CD players problems. In such systems, the trade off of a small bit of distortion will be an acceptable price to pay for the enhanced dynamics and better frequency extension that can be provided. This is precisely why passive preamps should only be used with the proper combinations of components and active preamps are much more common.
Amen! Viridian (if you'll allow the expression).
NO one can hear less that 2% distortion differances anyway, and most speakers have anywhere from 15%(Great Speakers) to 40%(Avg speakers) distortion figures anyway. So adding a % or 2 or .005 or whatever is NOT what you are hearing-whether you like it or NOT!!!