X Box or Bluray dvd player?

Home Theater is very secondary to me.  I stream Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Vudu, etc.  I love the 4k and Atmos etc.  Most of you on here say the picture and sound of a Bluray is far superior to streaming.  So I'm looking at getting a player.  I hear a lot of great things about using the X Box One or whatever.  I'm not a gamer but sound like a cool/fun option to have.  Is it really worth spending $1000 on a Panasonic or Sony bluray?  

Note: I don't care to spend $1500 on a used Oppo 205.  

So, thoughts on using the XBox or whatever gaming console in your HT?  Am I really giving up much?
Well, upon further review, it looks like it's hard to beat the Panasonic DP-UB820 and at just $400, it's not a huge investment.

Unless someone can tell me why this is not a good purchase..
Sony Universal Players cost about $400, if you need to also have decent CD replay and other audio formats as well