X-10D tube buffer to tame 9000ES bright?

Will this work when listening to CD's?
does for me. takes the "fingernails on the chaulkboard" highs and tames 'em down.
I use the device coupled with a 11 year old magnavox cd player. It has smoothed out all the rough edges and added the missing detail. I have used it with a very cheap magnavox DVD player and loved it. I have found the cheaper the player the better the x-10 sounded. I tried it in my main system on the output side of my CAL Alpha/Delta. It sounded muddy and masked the inter detail. Good luck
I tried the X10D on my 9000ES, I couldn't tell the difference, so I stop using X10D. Maybe my Rogue 99 did the job of x10D already. good luck