X-10 V3 and multiple digital sources

I would like to know if it is possible to connect two different digital sources to the X-10 V3. I currently use it between my CD player (X-Ray v3/X-DAC v3) and my integrated amp. I'm planing to buy a Universal player for SACD and DVD-A and would lile two know if it could be connected to the X-10V3 as well. The manual is confusing (to me) Thanks.
No, the X-10v3 has only set of input jacks. The other set of jacks is a bypass, allowing you to send a signal on to another component without going through the X-10's circuitry.

It's not a good idea to use a "Y" connector, either, as this will almost certainly cause electrical interaction problems. Your only good option is to put the X-10 somewhere that you can easily reach the back, and then disconnect one player and connect the other.
You can't use the digital inputs for SACD and DVDA anyway if that's what you're asking?
Thank you guys. I gues I have to pick the CD or the universal. Music direct is advertising a combo consisting of the Marantz 9500 and the X-10 V3; I guess that you can send the SACD and DVD-A through the X-10 V3

Let's clarify one point that seems to be confusing: the X-10v3 can process ONLY analog signals, which means that the CD/SACD/DVD-A player's DAC must convert the digital signal to analog BEFORE the signal passes through the X10.

SACD players, by their design and licensing requirements, convert the digital signals to analog before they are output, but DVD-A signals are typically output in digital format and converted to analog by the preamp/processor.
While you are correct about SACD being converted to analog Sdcampbell, DVDA is also converted to analog in the same manner. This is true unless of course you have an iLink connection on the output of your player and an input on your processor that will allow digital transmission between the two. You can use the digital output for DVDA only to play back the DVD DTS layer of the disc which in no way sounds as good as the DVDA layer. If you are playing back your discs in DTS only, you are not hearing DVDA.

Thanks for the clarification. I was deliberately keeping my response directed to Ebenai's question about whether he could send digital signals through the X-10v3, to which the answer is "no". He can, however, send an analog signal from either DVD-A or SACD through the unit for buffering.