Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?

I currently have Silver RCAs on my solid state phono stage. Impressive cable, so I am thinking of trying Platinum. Would be buying used. I also have Tchernov Reference MK II and Purist Neptune in my system. Wywires Silver and the Tchernov are similar, I would say the former has more elegance and the latter a little more power of delivery. Neptune is very different and works great everywhere in my system but best between preamp and amp.
I mean, of course, that I have Diamond RCAs in my main system.
So, adg101 and I agree - get the Platinum if you can, if not - Silver is very good too.

How did it go with the platinum?  How are they with respect to weight of music?  I had read they were a little lean sounding.



I don’t find WyWires thin at all, if anything the opposite. What they’re known for in my opinion and what I’ve read is they are very open and throw a wide stage. Can’t speak for the Blue Series, but I run both Silver and Platinum. I suppose if one is looking for a cable that has a narrow stage and more forward sounding then maybe they would think WyWires are thin, but I don’t think so. Very neutral cables that just get out of the way and don’t draw attention to being bright or bass heavy, but it’s all there but balanced. Great cables and usually move fast on the used market so don’t wait around.