Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?

I currently have Silver RCAs on my solid state phono stage. Impressive cable, so I am thinking of trying Platinum. Would be buying used. I also have Tchernov Reference MK II and Purist Neptune in my system. Wywires Silver and the Tchernov are similar, I would say the former has more elegance and the latter a little more power of delivery. Neptune is very different and works great everywhere in my system but best between preamp and amp.
You convinced me to give it a try. I have no doubts it will be better than Silver, just don't know to what extent. 
Found one for an acceptable price. Could get new Purist Aqueous Luminist for about the same but I am quite sure that WyWires Platinum would be better with the phono stage in my current system. If I could get Purist Neptune for a comparable price - that would be tough, but you can never find used Neptune and new is now probably close to $1500.
Awhile ago I had a borrowed pair of the Platinum interconnrcts didn’t comment in detail because it had been some time.
But I remember thinking where did all the bass come from, they were on a Chord Cute DAC at the time. Very distinct bass, not a bad thing for vinyl. You won’t be disappointed along with the Silver they will have very good tone and separation.
Please let us know what you think.
Sure will. I will have them next week.
What am I going to do with the Silver ? I don't want to sell it but I don't have more equipment to put it on ! Except cd player in the closet that I use twice a year or so. Hmm..I'll figure it out.
Please post your opinion when you get the platinums....
I actually got acquainted with WyWires almost by an accident. I was not going to do any upgrades in the near future, I just wanted to add heaphone amp to my system for night time listening. So I looked and read around a little and Burson Audio original Soloist caught my eye. And since I thought this would not be a critical listening anyway I would use some entry level cables from my Redgum integrated tape outs. But, the Soloist is also a Class A preamp, and when I received it first thing I did out of curiosity was to put it between the source and the integrated. The Redgum has a passive preamp section and the Burson has three gain level settings - great idea. Also, the Redgum doesn't even have amp in input, I plugged the Burson right into the line in input. And it has been staying there ever since. It improved the sound in almost every aspect except resolution, which might be very very slightly down. Soundstage remained the same or a touch better. Well, now I needed real cables, and since I couldn't find any used Purist Neptune or Tchernov Reference MK II, that work very well in my system, I somehow thought that WyWires could complement them. And the Silver did. I expect the Platinum to take it further. Putting $1800 interconnect on $1200 phono stage is somewhat extravagant, though before I inserted the Burson in the chain I had $1500 Tchernov there. I don't have a high resolution system, it is a very solid mid-fi, but the system is very sensitive and can be taken to a totally different performance level with great cables and power cords. I tried $100-$700 cables and cords before I settled for what I have now, it was totally inadequate, though not a bad sound.