Wywires Silver to Platinum interconnects. How big an upgrade would that be ?

I currently have Silver RCAs on my solid state phono stage. Impressive cable, so I am thinking of trying Platinum. Would be buying used. I also have Tchernov Reference MK II and Purist Neptune in my system. Wywires Silver and the Tchernov are similar, I would say the former has more elegance and the latter a little more power of delivery. Neptune is very different and works great everywhere in my system but best between preamp and amp.
I like his power cords a lot but admit I haven’t tried everything under the sun. I’ve tried some PS Audio, Shunyata Sidewinders I’ve owned, Pangea, Tributaries, and still own a couple Kimber Kable PK10 Golds which are pretty nice too.

Currently I use a mix of WyWires Silver Juice II on all my analog gear with a HC model on amp. I find the WyWyires do a great job of just getting out of the way as they don’t draw attention to themselves. Very natural sound with no HiFi in your face sound. The HC version on my amp really made my Pass wake up. I’m very happy with the power cables. The Kimbers are very good but maybe a little closed in and soft in comparison, but still very nice.

I thought the Silver Juice II’s did a fine job on my digital front end pieces but prefer Nordost Vishnu’s currently. I know Alex makes a digital version now that if I wasn’t already very happy with my Vishnu’s I might try them.

Also using WyWires Silver speaker cables and jumpers which replaced my Clear Day Cables Double Shotgun/jumpers. Again the WyWires to my ears just sound less HiFi and disappear. Was using Clear Days throughout minus power cables and was very happy with the Clear Days... just prefer the WyWires.

I have no doubt Alex’s upper models are better but I’m very satisfied with the Silver Line for now and instead of spending more money to upgrade cables I’m spending the money on Vicoustics room treatment and just picked up a used PS Audio P5 that has transformed my system more than I think Cables for the same amount of money would do; amp still plugs directly into the wall.

Bsck to original question; yes I am very happy with my WyWires Juice II PC’s. If you’re looking for one on an amp definitely do the HC version, for a phono preamp the standard Juice II would work well. My ModWright LS36.5 sounds great with the standard Juice II.
Yeah, the Silver line appears to be very successful and is still moderately priced. Platinum is $1800 retail for 1 Meter pair, it might be adequate or not, I don't know. The Silver, judging by RCA interconnects and USB cable, certainly is. It is overall almost as good as Tchernov Reference MK II, $1500 cable, in my system, and is slightly better in some areas. 
WyWires , yes excellent!!!
I run a complete "Silver Series" interconnects, speaker cables, as well as all Juice 2 PCs.
I have a Silver Series Litespd SPDiF and a Platinum AES balanced to my Yggdrssil
You could not go wrong with the Platinum interconnects.
But, expensive yes. WyWires are very hand labor intensive to make hence the price.
They have the ability to work extremely well together on all kinds of equipment.

You convinced me to give it a try. I have no doubts it will be better than Silver, just don't know to what extent. 
Found one for an acceptable price. Could get new Purist Aqueous Luminist for about the same but I am quite sure that WyWires Platinum would be better with the phono stage in my current system. If I could get Purist Neptune for a comparable price - that would be tough, but you can never find used Neptune and new is now probably close to $1500.
Awhile ago I had a borrowed pair of the Platinum interconnrcts didn’t comment in detail because it had been some time.
But I remember thinking where did all the bass come from, they were on a Chord Cute DAC at the time. Very distinct bass, not a bad thing for vinyl. You won’t be disappointed along with the Silver they will have very good tone and separation.
Please let us know what you think.