Wywires platinum or Wireworld Silver Eclipse, speaker cable

Has anyone done a direct comparison between these two speaker cables? Both are obviously highly regarded and similarly priced. Both are copper but the Wireworld adds a coating of silver. I'm guessing that "similar but different" probably sums it up, but would appreciate hearing from anyone with experience. 

I'm coming from a Siltech MXT New York speaker cable, which I've been using exclusively for 15 years. In that time, I've had no opportunity to try any other cable in my system, though the components themselves have changed several times over. The Siltech is copper supplemented with silver/gold. Do I even need new cables? Has technology changed drastically since 2005? 
That’s a tuff question to answer. First your current cables be fine and depending on your equipment they may be the best synergy for your ears, just as WyWires may be great on one system to the same user, but they may prefer Wireworld on another.

I own both WyWires and Wireworld speaker cables but not the series you’re considering. I have WyWires Silver and Wireworld Eclipse which are both great cables. I’d suggest see if The Cable Company has the cables you’re looking to audition and try them at home as everyone’s going to have their opinion which may be way off from yours. If you end up not liking either you pay a fee, but if you chose one I think you just pay for shipping to return the other. Not sure if The Cable Company is honoring the sale WyWires is having so that may be a problem too.

Alex of WyWires is really easy to deal with and will probably send you a pair with a credit card and send back if you don’t like them… he might have a pair of demos to check out. Wireworld is a much bigger company so you’ll probably not get the same service, but maybe you will.

Years ago a bought a entry set of Kimber Kables which I spoke to Ray on the phone, and when the cables came enclosed was also a nice box of cookies. Now, that’s cool.
Truthfully, the Silver or Eclipse series is more realistic for my budget, and I've been told that they are quite close to their most expensive siblings. That's a good idea, to ask Wywires for a demo. 
I agree with adg101’s post.  Probably not much help but I have Wywires Silver IC’s in one system and all his PC’s in my primary system, Juice ll.  Many have come and gone through here and the Wywires have been keepers.

Alex is great to work with, I got my cables at the inception of his venture a few years back.  I love what I have however I have never heard any of his speaker cables.