Wywires Diamond interconnects

Is it worth upgrading to them from Platinum ? How big a difference ? When I upgraded from Silver to Platinum the difference was quite big.
I believe you can try them out at home first. I have the Platinum for my headphones and they are great cables.
I have WW diamond IC in my system since few weeks (all burned in) and have tried them between DAC to pre-amp and later between pre-amp and amp. They are very good with either of those. I don't have platinum IC to compare, but I like diamonds very much. I will plan to change all my ICs and may be power cords to WW diamonds. 
They have very sharp focus, excellent clarity, wide and deeper soundstage, some airiness around the vocals, a bit more refined. Only cons was that it was a bit less meaty (or thinner) and less organic. But these are very minuscule cons and there is always trade off. Good luck.
Sure, one can try them at home, but I would only consider used - they are very expensive.
I currently use Wywires Platinum in the chain with Purist Neptune and think that it is an excellent match. Purist is big and vast, very 'tube like'.
So I got the Diamond RCAs. Oh yeah, now that's a cable.  Platinum is excellent but this one is at a different level. And I have a very modest equipment. Can't compare it to Purist Neptune at the moment because I had to send the Neptune to Purist for repair. Background noise suddenly appeared and stayed. Quality control issue.