WyWire Blue speaker cable or Kimber Kable 12TC?

This month TAS reviewed a cable product called WyWire, including its "Blue series" speaker cable. Has anyone used or auditioned this speaker cable?? I have narrowed my choices to either Kimber Kable 12TC, or Mapleshade's "Double Helix".

However, I would like to find out about this WyWire and where it stands in the "hierarchy" of supposedly mid-priced speaker cables

After reading the review, the WyWire seems somewhat expensive compared to the other speaker cable mentioned above. Thanks
My vote would be for the Kimber. I've heard the 8TC excel connected to a variety of amps and speakers and the 12TC is simply supposed to have better low-end. Admittedly I don't have experience with the others.
Always go fhr the 'flavor of the month' wires. Then next month when they fall from grace you can moan about how some otherwire is so much better..
Kimberr 8TC has been well respected for a long time. the newer 12TC is more of the same thing.
Kimber is a safe brand for sure but not the best speaker cable at all !!
Sometimes small companies with good design outperform well-known brands quite easy. I think Wywires offer a 30 days refundable trial so you may try for yourself what's best on your system?

Do you have an amp yet? I've been very busy these last couple of weeks so I haven't been able to follow some of the threads. I was going to list some amps that you may like, but then I read your post asking about integrates instead. And that's where I left off. If you did get something what is it? If you list it you'll probably get better answers.

Of the cables you list, I like the Kimber. It's a pretty safe bet. I had the 8 and I've heard the 12 and both are great sounding cables. I compared the 8TC to my Audioquest CV-8. You may want to add the CV-8's to your list. Both are great but I like the AQ a little more.
To ZD542, Yes I have been considering an integrated amp and the Rogue "Sphinx" might be the one. Unless I am find Rogue Cronos Magnus is better; it is about $1000 more, has the same power as the Sphinx, and supposedly the same phono stage

As far as cable, I have a source for a used 9 ft pair KK 12TC, but they come up about 2 ft short of what I need in my current setup. Though,I will check out the Audioquest CV-8 speaker cable. Thanks again for your advice
I use wywire speaker cable, not the blue series, but the cable made for Daedalus speakers. I must say I am very pleased with them. Similar but more neutral than the much more expensive Virtual dynamic revelation cable I used before
Wywires us the wires supplied by Daedalus so it's unfortunately not a real wywires cable.
For my experience and for a low budget, the ANALYSIS PLUS wires are very neutral and nice sounding.
It is true that WyWires builds the Daedalus speaker cables using wire that is supplied by Daedalus. This is the same wire that is used inside Daedalus speakers, hence there is a natural synergy. The real WyWires cables have a very similar sonic signature to the Daedalus, with the WyWires being a bit laid back in comparison.
I think Rogue is a really good choice. You can do far worse. I haven't heard the models you are considering but from the Rogue gear that I have heard, I like it very much. Also, its made in the US and they are a very good company to deal with if you have any problems. For where you live, that's very important.