Wyred4Sound vs. Channel Island

Anyone with experience having compared the W4S monoblocks to Channel Island monoblocks? My speakers are Magnepan 1.7s.
I don't have direct experience with the W4S mono's, but purchased a W4S ST-1000 while one of my CI D200's was out for repair (whole other story). My original plan was to sell the Channel Islands. I ended up selling the ST-1000 and keeping the CI monoblocks. Why? They just flat sound better ... more natural and warmer - as solid state goes. The W4S stereo amp was a bit bright for my tastes. As further point of reference, I've owned tube mono's, but they lacked slam and punch when called for. They only other digital switching amp that I found better than the D200's (by a very slight margin) was Nuforce, but they were more than double the price at the time. Hope this helps.
I own the CI Audio D 500 mk 2 and have heard the W4S but in a different system. The CI system (mine) sounds much better. Not much of a comparison I know but I can tell you the CI's are some of the best amps Ive ever heard or owned.
W4S is ICE module.

Isn't the Channel Islands a Hypex?
You should test the classdaudio type sds470...590usd but a sound worth 10 times its price...if optimized thanks to the choice of interconnects and speaker cables,the sound of this amp is at the level of the best ones..
AR,Airtight,Ayon,....a crazy experience.
I use Duntech speakers and a directly connected Weiss dac2.
maxitonus: i just checked out class d audio's website and i cant find any specifications for any of their "complete amplifiers." were you able to find them?
Anyone know why classaudio sound is so great? (assuming it is) What is their secret over others?
To Jorge and to Rockadanny:

Classdaudio donot give technical measurements on their products,i guess this is a marketing decision to avoid useless discussions and questions.

When i bought the first sds470 amp (for my daughter), i didnt even imagine that the quality of this amp was comparable to the best ones (i own an Ayon triton).
I discovered it when testing this small amp without any preconceived idea.
Threefriends came at home and after a short listening bought two amps to feed Cabasse end Tannoy speakers.

I cannot know why the quality is so high since i guess the quality of a class D amp depends upon the way the corrections arre applied in the amp electrical flow sheet...and i donot know the flow sheet peculiar features.

I am a french audiophile and have no interest to defend classdaudio, however i think that this information is usefull for audiophiles having a limited budget but also for the rich ones....and i think that we must encourage companies which are progressing with new technologies.