Wyred4Sound Shows Nuew uDAC and Music Server

Some new items announced by Wyred4sound

"The $399 Wyred4Sound µDAC sports 24/192 coaxial/Toslink and an asynchronous 24/96 USB input into an ESS Sabre DAC all inside a puny 3.5" squared and machined chassis with cut-out company logo on top which doubles as blue back light with signal lock. For streaming the computer provides power via USB, for S/PDIF a supplied power adaptor does.

The new half-width 1TB wireless Music Server [$1.999] is compatible with Pandora and MOG via Logitech's Squeezebox controller application on an Apple or Android device. Supported file types up to 24/192 are AAC, APE, AIFF, Apple Lossless, Monkey's Audio, FLAC, QuickTime, MP3, MPEG-4, Musepack Ogg Vorbis, MPEG-4 SLS/HD-AAC, WAV, Windows Media, WMA Lossless, WMA Pro and Wavpack. Data output is via coaxial, Toslink or I²S. CDs are ripped automatically with the built-in drive and there's network file uploading. The device runs fanless."

Can it rip the cd's in any format iTunes recognizes?
Don't know if anyone else is interested but I contacted W4S about ITunes and external storage and this was the response

"The Server will rip into FLAC and you can select an option to mirror ripped files into mp3 or ALAC which is recognized by iTunes. This way anything that is ripped can be easily integrated into your other components as you have mentioned. In addition there is a feature that will allow your to backup the library with an external drive. The first time you choose to do so it will format the drive and store the files. After that it will only add the new files. It is quick and easy to back up but there is not an option for external storage. "
Sounds interesting but there is no USB output? The server field is just starting to heat up so it will be great to see all of the new entries. I still favor the Auraliti for $800. $2000 is alot for a box that rips and streams. Maybe if you need FLAC and ALAC this would be the ticket.