Wyred4sound, Lampizator 4

I'm in the market for a pre owned DAC that I'lI have for the long term. I was too late for a Lampizator 4 that was recently for sale. I'm also interested in the Wyred4sound DAC 2se although DSD is not a priority. If any one has experience with both of these DACS, I'd appreciate your comments. I'm assuming that the Lamp is a 'better' DAC but I've heard that Wyred has great bang for buck offerings. Thanks in advance for your comments.
I have a Wyred Dac and just had it upgraded. I think they have a bstock unit for sale on their site.
I'd say these 2 DAC's should compete nicely, if they both are given an excellent digital source. Just MO.
i've owned both, the w4s dac2 before they had the se upgrade. then the L4. I used both with their own built in volume control. Although my system was constantly changing at the time and it was hard to get a direct a-b comparison. I feel the L4 was much more alive sounding and much prefered for my listening style and music taste. the detail and quietness was amazing from the dac2. I now have neither and I am using a lampizator big 7. I love it
Here is another consideration, PS audio PerfectWave MkII's are going as low as $1,500 right now and offer a direct future upgrade path to their DirectStream DAC.
Good sound, solid American company, good price, and an easy upgrade option to their flagship DAC.