wyred4sound dac hookup to receiver

Anybody tell me how ? Right now i have the analog outputs of the dac to the cd input of my receiver . I do not feel this is correct . I am getting sound this way but, i can control the volume from both the receiver and dac . I would like to use my denon 5700 for amplification only .
You can hook the outputs of the W4S to the Front Right and Front Left 6-channel inputs and use the DAC's volume control to control volume although it may or may not bypass the receiver's volume control (I don't have the manual so I'm not sure). This would at least bypass the tone controls and the receiver's other processing modes. How much better it would sound you won't know until you try it.
Tried plato's suggestion . Still can contol volume ,tone .ect.. . I have the manual and it does not show or describe a preamp hookup. It does show how to add extra amps. Anyone else ever hookup a preamp to their receiver ?
I might be wrong, but by looking at the AVR5700 manual online I saw only pre-out, no power-in connectors (as expected, I might add). Usually receivers allow you to use them as pre-processors, but not as power amps.
Thus it looks that you won't be able to bypass the preamp section of your receiver.
thanks mihaitaa
I am not knowledgeable about your particular receiver. If it has a direct mode, then you should be able to use Plato's method. Most AVRs do have the direct mode in the set up option.