Wyred4Sound DAC-2v2 upgrade

anyone here done this? I’ve seen a few reviews, any A-gon feedback? I have a DAC2 currently and a Remedy and use it for Sonos streaming.
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I have upgraded my DAC-2 DSDse to a DAC-2v2 SE and the upgraded DAC is just amazing - very analogue sounding, detailed without fatique - outstanding.

See this discussion on audioaficionado.org:

I have the same question but I dont want to fit the bill for the SE model at the moment. Anyone done the DAC-2 to DAC-2 v.2 non SE and what are your thoughts. I've owned the DAC-2 for around 5 years. I really like the upgrade thing they have going on. Basically only lose a couple hundred on the original buy price of the DAC-2 from 5 years ago when upgrading. 
I also did the DSDse to 2v2 upgrade and agree with always_looking.  Amazing smoothness and detail very un-digital.   When I played DSD before the upgrade I loved it but after getting over the full rich DSD sound I felt there was something un-natural about the way DSD sounded.  I have a Yggrasil and was going to sell my DAC2 DSDse but ran into a problem with my W4S Music server.  I was ready to send it in until Tony and EJ got on the phone and logged into my server and fixed it.  It was out of warranty (bought it used),  I kinda felt I owed them something so I did the upgrade.  At first I was regretting it because while the upgrade was a dramatic improvement I still preferred the Yggrasil.  But I had the Recovery on the W4S powered by the supplied PS and the Recovery on the Yggrasil powered by Uptone Audio's JC2 LPS.  When I swapped the Curious Cables to the 2v2 and changed the Uptone Audio JC2 LPS to the W4S it brought it a lot closer to the Yggrasil. Then I re-auditioned the filters and using the fast linear apodizing setting .... nirvana for PCM and double nirvana for DSD!!!  I think it also took a while  for the upgrade to break in and I chose the first filter before it was settled.
The Yggrasil has the sweetest detailed mids but is otherwise a bit thin and lifeless sounding compared to the 2v2  I am keeping the 2v2 and have no regrets.  I am contemplating sending the Music server in to be able to output DSD over the I2S and bypass all the USB issues.  The DSD is amazing now and EJ says it will be better over I2S.  I almost have enough set aside to upgrade the server.
I sprung for the DAC 2 to DAC 2v2se with the femto clock upgrade a few weeks ago and the unit has been back in the system for about a week now.  This isn't the upgrade you asked about, although if you can afford it, I would recommend you go for it.   The difference is quite noticeable, even my wife noticed the improvement right away.   I was a little concerned that for the money the improvement may not justify it but this was clearly not the case.  

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Hi Everyone.  Another satisfied customer here. 

Originally had the DAC2 - early adopter.  Then bought the DAC2 DSD SE - which was an enormous improvement (Initially without the femto clock, and later with (the femto clock didn't make any difference as far as I could tell)).  And now sent in the SE for the upgrade program - so it has been rebirthed as a DAC 2V2 SE.  The latest improvement is, again, striking.

No real down sides - just more detail, more clarity; better imaging, more air.  Please insert your favourite audiophile cliches here - they virtually all apply.

Interestingly, the V2 also highlighted the role of Wyred's Recovery USB reclocker.  With the older V1 SE, I had the recovery in the chain but, frankly, didn't notice much difference.  With the V2, there seems to be a subtle improvement in, dare I say it, timing - specifically the bass has better punch and definition.  Maybe the highs are slightly more transparent too - but I'm not totally sure.  Does everything feel a little "lighter"?  Possibly, but I think that is generally the case when there's an improvement in clarity. The Recovery is easy to slip in and out of the chain, so I've done a bit of back and forth.  Staying in for now.

In any case, a great upgrade - especially if you are in the USA and don't have to pay for international shipping and customs duties (I'm in Australia).

I don't have firm opinions regarding component break-in, but, FWIW, the upgraded SE does seem to have benefited from a few days playing.  This is the kind of upgrade that sees you playing much loved tracks just to relish the "new" experience.

Well done Wyred.


I have done the upgrade from DAC-2 to V2 (with Femto). Definitely worth the money and the time to take apart, put together my system. Much better definition especially in the bass. Overall much smoother (tube like) sound especially with orchestral music and solo violin. The sound of the solo piano in Mari Kodama recording of the Waldstein Sonata is sweet and delicate. Listening fatigue is also greatly improved.  Highly recommended.
Anzaanimalclinic I have not read the yaggy is thin and lifeless considering Robert Harley said , He ranks it top 3 regardless of price, Reichert. Steven Stone also reviewed yagdrassil they all agree it’s very very good Dac, they found it revealing not thin sounding..most of the post I read , the yagdrassil posses a LIVE presentation, Iam looking forward to hear it at Axpona 2018, I might buy one.