Wyred. Totally wyred or can pair with Cary SLP 98

I want a second, solid state alternative for my all tube system, so that I do not need to wait 30-45 mins for optimal sound. System is Cary SLP 98 F1 Direct coupled into Manley Snappers, currently driving Silverline Sonatina IIIs. I want an inexpensive solid state amp (monos, stereo or integrated) that I can just switch on and liste to music. Wyred seems to have great reviews. For only $500 more one can get the STI-500 vs the ST, SX-500, or mAMP monos. I appreciate any advice, recommendations, etc.
hah I don't think you're driving the right direction. tube amps go for optimal sound(technically stable offset) much faster than solid states. Digital solid states need larger wormup time than conventional A/AB, B etc...
The ST500 sounds great with both my VAC Renaissance and Manley Shrimp preamps. This is with N802's. The ESP speakers are designed for a tube amps. In this case the VAC PA100 is better than the ST500. When I use the ST500 it is powered on all time (sleep mode) it awakes when a signal is present.

I recall the Sonatina's as being a good match for tube amps (non reactive and high stable impedance) so you may lose some of the tube magic. If you were attempting to drive a more challenging speaker, I would recommend you try a Wyred amp.

IME it takes maybe 10-15 min for my tube gear (VAC, Cary, Manley) to hit its stride. So, I wonder why you find it takes 15-30 mi longer for your system? I agree with Marakanetz that solid state will take longer to warmup, and even so may never equal or better what you already own.

I have the Cary SLP98P and I'm currently running a Cary CAD 120's w/ Cardas caps. I had a V12I and V12R also. I used to run a McIntosh 7270 SS amp that I loved and a Carver 1.5t SS amp. I wouldn't go SS with an amp if I had your Cary. Your system won't sound as good as what you already have unless you get a better tube amp, and Manleys are good. It may be better to wait. Best of luck, and happy listening. BTW, you should be able to use the Cary in standby 24/7 although I never do.
I think Bbybaudio wants an amp he can leave on 24/7.
There's no need for tube amp to be on 24/7. 5min is all it takes for the tube to be in stable offset and the 'best of sound' will 'show up' in another 5min.
When I had one after turning it on I'd go to kitchen make some tea or blend some bloody mery, pack a blunt or bowl, load record or CD and than listen.
Thank you all for your comments. My information on 30 mins or more warm up time for the Snappers is from their owners manual. I also did not know that solid state, even class D amps, take longer to warm up and stabilize than tubes. I guess I will keep Cary in standby mode and let Manleys warm up for 10. Thanks again.
Despite class D such as Wyred4Sound worms up long there's no problem whatsoever to keep it on stand-by 24/7. It only uses 15w of idle power.
Keeping tube amps on all the time is not safe idea. All you need is to turn that thing on, play music in 5m and enjoy listening in 5...10m of playing wormup. This way you don't have to wait 35...40m. It's also guaranteed that sound after 5m of wormup will be still great to you and will just slightly improve as you play tunes.