Wyred SX-1000 Mono’s or PS Audio S700 Mono’s?

Has anyone been able to compare these amps to one another? I want to stick with class D for efficiency, so I ruled out the Schit mono’s. Either has a lot more power than I need currently (groan), but this could change. Then there is the PS S300 stereo.

Room: 25 x 25

Currently: Cambridge Azure 840C (transport only); OPPO 105D; MHDT Orchid DAC; Rowland Synergy III preamp; Rowland Model 2 amp (class AB); Gallo Strada 2’s (might replace with 1.7i Maggies); Gallo TR-3D sub.

Music: Jazz, some blues, some rock, some classical.

I suggest deciding on your speakers before choosing amplification.
@unsound  I have Strada 2's. I might get something else at some point, but for now the Strada's are doing it.
^...But, your considering the Maggie’s?