Wyred STP-SE vs high end tube pre?

Has anyone replaced a high end tube pre with a Wyred STP-SE and been satified with the performance? I am considering replacing an Air Tight ATC2 in order to gain the HT bypass. The reports sound promising (don't they always). I am aware of the tube pre's that offer HT bypass (Cary SLP-05, McIntosh, 4300, ARC, etc). Was looking at the Wyred as a potential way to save some $ and get equivalent level of performance.
I am using MC-402 amp for L-R for home theater application and Viva Aurora SET for 2 channel. Thanks for any insights.
You're wanting to replace a very well respected $9000.00 preamp with a $2000.00 preamp just to get a HT bypass?While the W4S stuff is pretty well regarded in the audio community,I think this would be a major move backwards.
Just my thoughts.I'm sure there are some folks who will disagree.Good luck.
Heed Tpreaves advice.DONT DO IT.
An ATC 2 mated to an Aurora SET cries out for MUSIC.
What is the rest of your 2 channel set up.

The Wyred is likely to be exceedingly clean, focused, and detailed... also musical and non-fatiguing, but it won't give you tube warmth or other euphonic colorations that you may be looking for. I don't know anything about the McIntosh amp but if it's a nice sounding amp being paired with the Wyred should work well. If it has any inherent harshness the Wyred won't mask it.

But I bet that pairing the Wyred with the Viva Aurora would give very good results, letting you hear the best the Aurora has to give without glamorizing or veiling the sound.

It may be worth a try.

I'm using the W4S STI-500 currently and it's the lowest noise most detailed piece I've ever had in my system. Plus it throws a huge tube-like multi-layered soundstage.

I run my CD player through a good tube linestage first, but run my solid-state phono stage direct into the Wyred because that's the way it all sounds best.

I wouldn't be afraid to try it. It may save you a lot of dough and sound better as well. Of course there's no guarantee on that... but look at it another way. What if you bought an expensive tube preamp for say $9000 and then found out later that the Wyred pre sounds better. Despite what the above posters said, it could easily turn out that way.

And you not only get HT bypass, but on the fly polarity switching too. I kind of like that feature because with a lot of recordings the correct polarity sounds best. I have the polarity invert feature in both of my systems now and wouldn't want to be without that capability.
I appreciate the input. It is one of those things I would like to be true (since I get some simplification and save some $), but I suspect will not pan out. I may just try to pick one up here on the Gon to try it our and limit my potential loses if it does not work out.
I forgot to mention that I have a tube phono stage build by Tom Tutay (US Air Tight repair guy and well respected tube designer). Spinning vinyl through that combo with the Viva amps is pretty special. Not too bad with the McIntosh 402 either.