Wyred dac2 to replace krell hts preamp?

I have been thinking of getting my first stand alone dac to use with my htpc. Currently running an asus stx sound card with jriver into original krell hts then to levinson 331 driving dynaudio confidence c4. Sounds pretty good to my ears but am wonderong what 24/192 could bring to the table with utilization of wyred dac2 preamp option. Will this be an upgrade to my old hts24/96 internal dac? I am using transparent ultra balanced ics and super xl spkr cables with transparent reference spdif from pc. All answers appreciated.
For starters, W4S will bring async USB to the table, and that's the best way to connect to a computer. Others might have a different opinion, but I, one, I'm sold to it.
W4S DAC-2 is a superb DAC which I thoroughly enjoy and feel no "upgrade bug" anymore.
Thus, while I cannot talk about a comparison with what you currently have, all I can do is to wholeheartedly recommend the W4S DAC-2.

Can u comment on using the dac2 as a preamp and which amp are using? Thx for your response.

I have mine fed async USB from a Dell laptop via kernel streaming. It goes directly via Audioquest Columbia XLR into W4S ST-500 power amp, powering Sonus Faber Concerto Domus speakers.
Short signal path, volume controlled in the DAC, beautiful sound.
I owned Music Hall, PS Audio DL III with level IV mods and Benchmark DAC1 before settling on the DAC-2. Heard more expensive stuff, not in my house, and came home with a warm and fuzzy feeling of satisfaction with what I have and enjoy. And that's really priceless in this crazy world of merry-go-round. ;-)