Wyred DAC1 or DAC2

On the cusp of starting my first "grown up" system. I'm replacing my old Harmon Kardon/Infinity college system and have ordered LSA2 towers and a Wyred STI-500 integrated amplifier.
I have spent the last year ripping my <> 3,000 CDs to FLAC files on my home server, listening through a Squeezebox Duet. From what I've read I'm expecting a huge sonic gain by incorporating a good DAC, and I'm leaning toward adding a W4S DAC to top off my purchases.

So here's my question: I know the DAC2 has gotten rave reviews, but what do I gain with the DAC2 over the DAC1? Do they use the same chip? Is it a difference in features or in sound quality? What accounts for the 50% difference in cost? I appreciate any informed input.

Also, if anyone has a good program to batch assign cover art for FLAC files please let me know. I've used Album Art Aggregator in the past, but that site seems to have gone dark...
Try the search function and you'll get a fair amount of info, likely.

FWIW, some data:
- DAC-1 cannot do 24/192 but can be ordered with the asyc. 24/192 for an additional $250.
- With the upgraded board installed the DAC2 would still have the advantage of ESR super caps which can be installed in the DAC -1 for $50.
- DAC2 has volume control.

After you add the asynch 24/192 input and the super caps, the price of the DAC1 is almost the same as DAC2.

One area you might want to explore is using a very good async USB to S/PDIF converter into the DAC. I have seen VERY good feedback from an Offramp + DAC2. Maybe a DAC1 without async but with super caps + good USB/SPDIF converter would be very good. BTW, I have heard neither, but at some point was interested in these and did some research, but later decided otherwise.

I hope this helps.
Order the Dac1 with 24/192. Already have the same preamp in STI-500. Have this Dac and you'd have to spend much more to get a better Dac.
Do a lot more investigating. Read and read some more. Spend some time at The Computer Audiophile, Darko, 6Moons.
IMO Wyerd is a great manufacture and has many customers. In the digital market their DACs are a bit long in the tooth. There are many new DAC's out there with modern advancements that some claim to have substantially better sound at that price point. Parts and I/O's don't make a DAC easy to listen to, it's usually a unique initial design.

Actually I'd go big on an Off Ramp 5 with decent cables and much less on the actual DAC but play close attention to their output stages.