Wyred DAC-2

Subject: Soft Recovery & Super Fast Diodes Modification

First I would like to thank Kyle Takenaga of Reference Audio Mod for all his support on improving my current audio gear. My latest addition to my audio gear is the Wyred DAC-2 that I just recieved yesterday 3/24/11. I pull the cover off to find out what size fuse i need to order a HiFi-Tunning fuse "supreme fast blow F". While I was in this unit i decided to replace the typical run-of-the mill diodes with Soft Recovery/Super Fast Diodes created by Kyle Takenaga.
Probably one of the most cost-effective modifications is to replace these with high performance Ultra Soft-recovery diodes. You'll hear much cleaner highs, increased resolution, more palpable mids, and tighter bass! Absolutely a must for any mod due to its low low costs!
The results is just like all my other audio gear, simply stunning!!
Picture on the latest mod is available upon request.

Bob, if you just got the DAC-2, how could you possibly hear such a dramatic difference from changing the diodes? This may be a great idea. But wait until it breaks in. It changes DRAMATICALLY!

There are other things that make a big difference that won't void your warranted like trying new power and USB cables.

One of the first mods for most audio gear is changing the diodes to "soft recovery" diodes to reduce noises. This is a common practice for modders. You can get these diodes from partsconnextion or stores like that.
My previous post was for JAG not bob. I would like to edit it but it is being screened for approval.

If you view my system, you will see the mod done to the DAC-2 and you will notice that each of these RAM diodes are four soft Soft Recovery & Super Fast Diodes connected in parallel to give the ultimate performance. I believe they are 1 amp ea with a total of 4 amps per RAM diode. To know more about the RAM diodes, contact Kyle at Reference Audio Mods.

Siranthony, regardless when you do this mod, before or after the DAC has been broken in, you will hear a dramatic difference.

2bgeorge, changing your stock diodes in most audio gear to these RAM diodes will have a substantial improvement.