Wyred DAC 2 volume control

I've noticed quite a bit of discussion revolving around the volume control built into the Wyred 4 Sound DAC 2. I just got my DAC 2 a few days ago and hooked it directly into my Belles Ref 150A V2. This combination sounds wonderful. I was worried this would be bright or etched / overly resolving, but this is not the case at all. Anyway. One problem. I believe the Belles has fairly high (above average) input sensitivity. OK, so.........not a big deal, right? Just turn the volume down lower on the DAC, right? Wrong. I can only use the lower half of the DAC 2's volume adjustment range, which is in the realm of dropping resolution. Not OK. To help fix this, I inserted Harrison 12db attenuator plugs (on the amp inputs as recommended). Now I can use the upper half of the volume range. Even when I have the volume low for background music, the level setting on the DAC is above 40. 70 is the max output setting, but I've read that 60 actually has lower distortion due to not driving the output stage to the max (according to Wyred). Anyway, my question is : Has anyone else tried using Harrison attenuators in this manner? To me this seems to be the best way to "fix" the issue at minimal expense, and zero additional electronics in the chain.
Another thought; if you are using the XLR outs of the DAC, you might try the RCA.
I would run the volume control on the dac wide open and adjust each level at the input stage on the dac. You can do it from the dac's set up menu. For example, I had way too much gain when using the coax 1 and 2 inputs, so I adjusted the gain on each input from 0db to -9db. Now, everything is perfect and the dynamic range does not suffer at all.