Wyred DAC-1 or Eastern Electric Minimax DAC

Hello, I know there are a bunch of posts regarding these two dac's.

I am fully aware of the immense variables like individual musical tastes and preferences, along with specific gear and component synergy that play a part in individual system performance, and ones own conclusions.

However, I would appreciate it if anyone with personal direct experience with both of these dacs that could provide me with their opinion on them.

I would be using the dac strictly via a cd transport and coaxial cable connection.

I am not looking for opinions on other dac's or other alternates to consider. I am buying one or the other, and from the general sense of your comments, I am experienced enough to make my own choice between them

Threads sometimes go off in other directions, many times losing sight of the persons need for help. So please, if you have not had experience with both these then take a pass.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Steve
Hi, I owned a EE minimax for several months and now have a Wyred Dac-2. I got the Dac-2 mainly for the balanced outs so I could send the signal to two amps. Unless you need the versatility of the Wyred, I would go with the Minimax. The sound quality to my ears is virtually equal. A little different in that the Wyred is slightly more "airy". If you are only going to use a coax connection in and single ended out stick with the Minimax. It really is an exceptional value.

Thank you for the information and your experience with these dacs. It was just the type of information I was looking for.