Wyred 4 sound vs Red Dragon digital mono blocks??

Wyred 4 Sound has issued its new ST500MKII digital mono blocks How much different(or better) can they sound than the Red Dragon M-500 digital mono blocks. I have the Red Dragon M-500 with the Acoustic Zen Adagios, and a Bel Canto PRe3 pre-amp and the sound is very good.

So why mess with a good thing?? Because I am like many 'philes curious if I can get "even" better sound with the Wyred for Sound digital mono blocks. Both the W4S and RD's use the same ICE circuitry. However, this may be just a sideway move with marginal to no improvement in sound.

I have read and been advised that the Bel Canto REF M-500MKII would be an aubible upgrade in sound over both. especially in terms of smoother highs, tighter bass, possibly greater sense musicality, The BC REF 500 II are $5000 new and about $2700-2900 used and with a lucky deal.

If I can find just a 150-200RMS stereo amp that will possibly outperform all three, I would seriously consider that over monoblocks. But, I fear that is going to be at the upper end of the PASS, Lamm, or Modwright line of amps or possibly Krell.

The other option which has been highly recommended is upgrade a McCormack DNA 0.5 or DNA-1 to the Rev-A level. Would appreciate input from members who have or had one or two of the amps, or all of them at one or another. What might be the best option considering the basic frame of my system. Thank you, Jim

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OK, so what did you end up with and was it any improvement over your Red Dragons. Funny thing is I have the same speakers as you and am serioisly considering a amp upgrade myself. At this time I am looking to splurge on the Bel Canto Ref500s or going with two Red Dragon 500m. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.