Wyred 4 sound vs Audio gd dacs

It does not seem that a lot of people on audiogon have discussed the Audio GD dacs. They get a lot of respect on the Headfi sites. I am interested in them because they have the same Sabre32 ES9018 DAC chip as the wyred dacs and the Eastern electric minimax dac. Has anybody directly compared these to the W4S? Specifically the NFB-1 NFB-7 & NFB-8 look pretty good and comparable.

Good luck getting an Audio GD dac. I tried for two months to purchase a NFB-7. They must be very good as they are sold as fast as they are produced. I finally gave up and bought a W4S. I will always wonder if I jumped the gun.
I might try again after they cool off or a used one becomes available just to compare. In the mean time the W4S is a keeper.
Hmmm.. curious did you try through Pacific Valve? Their website claims a 2-3 week lead time for delivery. So I was assuming they are made to order from china.
I contacted Pacific Valve about two months ago to try and buy a REF-7.
I was told they could order one but they were only going to stock the new
NFB-7 and should have some in three or four weeks.
After about four weeks I e-mailed them and asked about stocking status.
I was told their order came in but all were sold. They said it would be another three weeks or so before they had anymore. I put my name on their waiting list.
After another three weeks I e-mailed them, only to get the same answer.
I was told I could give them a credit card # and pre order one.
I then decided to just order from W4S.
Maybe after the first of the year they will be more available.
Like you i am curious as to how they compare to the W4S.

I´m also interested in Audio-GD DACs. Anyone compared to W4S or anyother DAC?
I had the Audio GD Ref. 7 v5 in the house for a couple weeks. This dac is the real deal at it's price range. I need a digital pre so the PS Perfectwave or Antelope Zodiac will be next up. For those having need for the latest/greatest may not like A gd as the Ref. 7 is now discontinued. They bring out products so often you can't stay on the crest of technology.
Happycamper,you say that Audio-GD is the best sounding DAC for the money but you want a digital preamp so it doesn´t suit you?

What DACs did you compare the REF7 to? A/B or from your experiences. Thanks.