Wyred 4 Sound STP Se preamp tweaks and upgrades ?

My STP Se pre has gone over the 500 hours break-in period and sounds truly fantastic.
I am trying to find out about any tweaks or upgrade mods that may be available to this unit even sound better, if possible.
The other most important thing I must admit is that this Wyred 4 Sound STP Se preamp is a real bang for the buck, unreal value.

Thank you.
Try better power cords, interconnects and vibration control (good set of footers).

sounds truly fantastic

Then why do you want to mess with it?You might end up with something that sounds totally different that you will not like.Just a thought.Good luck.
Tpreaves said it best. Why would you want to modify a preamp that "sounds truly fantastic," change the sound to something you can't predict, affect any future re-sale value, and, not be able to re-coup the modification cost?
Well, it could sound "better" than fantastic! That's the thing with audiophiles. How do you ever know for sure "that's as good as it gets"? I've had the system sounding great and then do something to muck it up. Then throw more money at it for different but not always better.

By all means, try a different power cord and different footers, different for sure but not necessarily better.
Normally I would be firmly in the do nothing camp. It already sounds fantastic, so why screw with it? However, after looking at your system and getting an idea of what you're trying to do, I say go for it! Go back to Cullen and explain to them that you want a maxed-out version of the preamp. I'd be surprised if they wouldn't work with you (assuming you put some money on the table). They're probably working on a Signature Mk2 version anyway. Keep us updated.
My opinion of losing the mod cost on re-sale holds. But I will say that if Cullen has an upgrade mod for the STP SE then at least you can maintain the original intent of the designer's sound and possibly improve on what "sounds truly fantastic."
Hello Terry,

I believe you have Spectron amps so you can add their excellent power cord - its simply superb and I have tried it with my source and preamp.

Also, you need to have appropriate vibration control devices and then you utilize your preamp in full - all without any need in current mods (yet.....).

Good Luck
hi, fellas........just bought one of these units a little over a week ago.....owners manual says the unit needs "100" hours for break-in......i'm right there now, but i'm not hearing anything fantastic yet for sure...hoping that another 100 hours will make a lot of difference...............
"Try better power cords, interconnects and vibration control (good set of footers)."

Yes. And try replacing the stock fuse(s) with HiFi Tuning or equivalent silver fuses.
Don't despair,it may take several hundred hours before the unit is fully burned in