Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Parts Connection vs. Factory Level II Mods

Underwood Wally initially offered Level I and Level II mods to the STP-SE preamp, designed and performed by Chris Johnson at the Parts Connection.  Wyred 4 Sound subsequently offered their own Level I and Level II mods.  Looking at the description of these modifications they are almost totally different.  Has anyone had a chance to compare STP-SE preamps with these different modifications?
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Did you ever get a chance to compare?
I eventually did purchase a new Stage II STP-SE preamp from W4S. I am currently breaking in this unit.  It takes about 300 hours and I am not there yet.  My initial impression is that the imaging may be a bit more precise and that there is better high frequency extension and detail.  I did not hear much of a solid state character from either unit.  Preliminary impression is that the factory Stage II unit is better, likely due to the use of the naked Vishay resistors.