Wyred 4 Sound STP SE and ST-1000

Their slogan of "Rediscovering your music" is no spin. This Preamp and Amp combo are giant killers for the price. They provide exactly what your source component provides, which is all any music lover could ask. The company's component break-in time is totally accurate. Only after 300 hours will you experience what these components are capable of. I matched these with Ty Lashbrook's Linbrook Signature Monitors and two of his Subwoofers and it was a match made in musical heaven. It is not a solid state sound or tube sound, but rather a master tape sound. What more could you ask for. I'm done shoppin'!
Are these the same as the Ampzilla amplifier? How much power does the amp have?
Two different companies, Hifimaniac. I recommend visiting each company's web site for details.
Yes, I know the STP-SE preamp is as good as any out there; it's sad some people will pass them by because not expensive enough!
Bondmanp, if these are two different companies, why is it that the contact information for the Spread Spectrum Technologies Ampzilla 2000 amplifier is the phone number for Wyred 4 Sound and the e-mail address given is info@wyred4sound.com? Not trying to be a smart-ass, but these are the facts. I guess you could say that Spread Spectrum is a wholly owned subsidiary of Wyred 4 Sound, which in my mind, makes them the same company.

Spread Spectrum Technologies is a subsidiary of Wyred 4 Sound per their website contact page.
I tried my friend's W4S STP-SE Preamp and SX-500 mono blocks combo in my system and was amazed (they replaced a Cullen Stage IV PS Audio Trio C-100). The STP-SE is a very transparent preamp with a hint of tube like color. Their W4S amps are amazing all around. I ended up buying a W4S DAC-2 and a pair of the new W4S mAMP monoblocks. I run the DAC direct to the monoblocks and I am now in musical heaven.
i also have this combo completely satisfied from this $4,000 purchase rest of system modwright tube -modded sony 5400 sacd/ cd top of line ( at the time )morrow audio ic's & spker cables w4s power cords into dedicated electric lines sound is silky smooth very detailed powerful (1140 w into 4 ohms) grand soundstage coming out of mag 1.6qr spkers definitely tremendous value for the money
I stand corrected, Theloveman. This must have happened within the last year or so. SST was Bongiorno's company. I know he passed recently, so perhaps as his health declined, he sold to W4S. In any case, AFAIK, the designs for each amp are totally different. I think the Ampzilla 2000 is a class A/B design. The W4S amps are Class D.
I've said this before. I believe many people don't give the Wyred amps at least 300 hours before passing judgement. I've been a tube guy my whole life, mostly EAR amps in addition to Kora and Dynaco. I'm currently using a Wyred STI-500 integrated which I ran 24/7 putting well over 300 hours on it and could not be happier. EXTREMELY low noise floor on the Wyred makes for a very holographic, transparent and detailed sound with a very deep soundstage. The highs are sweet and extended without the negative bright characteristics of many solid state amps. Mids have a beautiful tone which suits my ears wonderfully. The bass is, without question, not only the deepest but most accurate and tightest I've ever had in any system with any amp in my life. The Wyred brings out the tiniest little nuances from DEEP within the recording and makes them sound full and rich. I've recently acquired Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator speaker cables and interconnects along with SR power cords and I must say that they have taken my system to a completely higher level.

The system in its current form has given me the "spookiest" holographic and transparent sound I've ever had. IMO the Wyred preamp/amps are some of the biggest values in audio today.
I have a W4S STP SE and ST1000 as well.

Absolutlely love it with my Maggie 3.6's.

Thicker than lamp cord speaker wire and no special interconnects. Can change out the front end and hear the differences.
I have the ST-1000 fed by the Wyred Dac-2 through 8" balanced cardas interconnects. The front end are proac d15's. The St-1000 does a remarkable job. It has amazing detail and dynamics at very low volume. When I go to audio shows there are few set ups that trump this system and those are way out of my price range. The st-1000 and dac-2 deserve a listen.
Jspar, I loved my Wyred Integrated. Then I purchased the Job 225 amplifier and it trumped the Wyred in every conceivable way. Do yourself a favor and give the Job 225 a try if you can. I think the price went up $200 to $1,700. I am not the only one who believes this amp legitimately competes with big boys. I've said this on another thread about the Job, it amazes me that this level of sound quality is available at this price point.