Wyred 4 Sound STi amps versus PS Audio GCC amps

The layouts of these two amps are virtually identical. I know W4S had roots to PS Audio. The PS Audio GCC are now discontinued but they are some pretty good buys used compared to their price when they were new. Does anyone have any experience with an A/B comparison to them. Are the W4S siginificantly more superior to PS Audio GCC's? So far, there a thread that states it less dry and more musical..that wasn't really all that helpful
Have both.
Wyred is cleaner, more detailed, better bass and more musical. Wyred seems to have more power whe needed and has better control of the speakers. More headroom.
Both are very good amps, the Wyred is just better all around.
I had the M700s for a while, Very nice sounding amps. I replaced them with EBS 1200 which is several steps above the M700s in my room/system. Alas, Ric is waiting on the sidelines for my review of the Voyager before he makes any more. Since the Voyager is ~ 100w/channel and the 1200 600wpc I don't get why he would, but hey...

If $$$ is not burning a hole in your pocket, Emerald Physics, aka Living Stereo Audio, is about to release their Voyager GaN amp. I am in high anticipation of getting one